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2 explosions rock Kampala City

Shock and horror have gripped people in Kampala after 2 explosions rocked the city centre.

In surprise incidents, an explosion went off on Parliamentary avenue just next to the Jubilee Insurance offices, meters away from the parliament’s main gate. Another explosion happened next to Kooki towers, near the Central Police Station offices. The CPS offices had windows shattered due to the explosion.

Preliminary reports suggest that there are deaths involved. NTV Uganda reporter, Sudhir Byaruhanga, who is at the scene of the incident, said that he saw signs that people had lost life in that explosion.

“We don’t know how many people have died in this explosion. But, we can see pieces of flesh scattered all over the road and some people injured,” Byaruhanga said.

Earlier, some bystanders complained about the delayed response by the Police. First responders included Red Cross personel who were using fire extinguishers to curb the fire on Parliamentary avenue.

The police have sealed off both crime scenes and the bomb squad has been called in to investigate further.

Source :NTV Uganda

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