Africa Embracing The Wind Of Change Through Digital Education

When the world was slammed by the coronavirus pandemic, which led to the spontaneous closure of schools worldwide, AFRICA was knocked out at the elementary phase of digital learning technology. Dr. Atanga D. Funwie, an Educational entrepreneur forecasted such a day in education 5 years before the pandemic.

When the world was slammed by the coronavirus pandemic, which led to the spontaneous closure of schools worldwide, AFRICA was knocked out at the elementary phase of digital learning technology. Closed down schools and required distance learning for the rest of the school year, things seemed complicated. Suddenly, parents, students, and teachers alike were forced to learn a new way of schooling. Unfortunately, the skills were limited and distance learning largely criticized and never accepted by most African Educational Authorities because most of them were born before the computer age.
Yet despite the initial discomfort, the benefits of distance learning go far beyond protection from the virus. Dr. Atanga D. Funwie, an Educational entrepreneur with Kesmonds International University forecasted such a day in education 5 years before the pandemic. In most educational systems in Africa, the authorities are appointed by political or ethnic affiliations, the lack of expertise and the implantation of outdated methodologies keeps Africa lagging. First-world countries understood these concepts and quickly implement yet our systems will want a married family man to quit his job and enroll in a full-time on-campus program to learn the same things he could have studies from anywhere.
The advantages of distance learning include the following:
Learn on Your Own Schedule: Students can study in their own time – after working hours, for a few hours during the day or over weekends. This means that studies can fit around regular responsibilities, without sacrificing time for work, family, or learning. As long as students are able to self-motivate and stay on track, a flexible study schedule can make it possible to achieve career dreams while juggling multiple responsibilities. Students now have the freedom to pick and choose their schedule. They are able to learn at their own pace in a relaxed environment. Students who learn better in the morning after a good night’s sleep may choose to tackle their harder subjects right when they wake up. Students who are night owls may prefer to wait until later in the day, once they’ve fully woken up and are at full mental capacity. You can learn at your own pace: The prospect of going back to classroom education can be intimidating for many of us. Asking a question or revealing that you are unable to grasp a concept in class can be quite embarrassing for many students. Distance education comes to your rescue here! If you are self-disciplined and self-motivated, the best benefit of distance education is that you can learn at your own pace. It’s a known fact that different people learn in different ways and at different speeds. In a classroom, when everyone is being taught together, it is often difficult to have every student on the same page. Some students are too shy to raise their doubts in the class. This is where distance education has an advantage over a regular campus program. Since you are given all course work beforehand, you can study as much or as little as you want every day, as long as you complete your study material within the stipulated time. If you’ve doubts or queries, there are discussion forums, chat facilities with faculty, and complete support from the distance education provider. Students can be enrolled in other universities and still take distance learning.
Accessible learning: For students who live far away from any learning institutions, studying can become almost impossible unless accommodation and transport are readily available. Remote learning takes down barriers to education that are caused by distance, making it possible for anyone, anywhere to study further with the help of a computer and internet connection. Although students may miss extracurricular activities and social relationships from school, many have reported feeling less stressed while schooling from home. Students can study where they feel most comfortable and can videoconference to their classes at the click of a button. While schooling at home, it is also easier to complete other hobbies and housework that otherwise would have been placed on the back burner. By being at home, many students are able to get things done in a safe and relaxing environment.
Fast-tracked career growth: In today’s competitive business world, qualified employees have a distinct advantage. Short courses, full-length degrees, and various other distance qualifications make it easier to advance your career while working your way up the corporate ladder. Mature students and those with families can also continue to grow without losing valuable income. Distance Learning Teaches Time Management and Other Skills, Time management skills are essential for succeeding in online schooling. These skills are essential in every aspect of life, from maintaining a work-life balance to completing projects before due dates. Students who had otherwise busy schedules now have much more time available to them due to the closing of school activities. Distance learning forces a student to understand the best ways they learn and implement those ways at the best times.
You can pursue a job along with studies: A major chunk of students who actually opt for distance education are those who don’t want to give up their jobs but want a higher education, too. Distance education comes as a blessing for such students. You can study on the weekends when you’re back from work or even in the middle of the night. You get to learn while you earn. As we briefly mentioned earlier, this type of learning also offers benefits to companies and employers. Students who study further in their own time without losing out on the day-to-day work are a valuable asset to companies who want to capitalize on the increased skills offered by additional qualifications such as Business studies, health Sciences, Social Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, and Engineering.
Update skills and enhance potential: For students wanting to change careers, update an existing qualification, or increase skills within a specific area, studying remotely on a part-time or full-time basis can be an excellent way to do so without giving up current work responsibilities. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, mature students, and post-graduates can all take advantage of the flexibility of this style of study to learn and grow personally and professionally.
You can save money: For any given program, the fee of a distance education degree (online or otherwise) maybe much more affordable than the fee of a regular on-campus degree. Students who are looking for economically viable options can go for a distance learning program.

Dr. Atanga D. Funwie, an Educational entrepreneur with Kesmonds International University