Youth stem matters volunteer team as science communication editor

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Successful applicants get to enjoy writing, and help other young people to share their ideas with the world.


The opportunity is open to Youths aged 14-22 years.

Applicants who have real interest in using STEM to address global challenges, who can work well in a team, and who are eager to learn about new topics.

Requirements/Terms and Conditions

Applicants should have previous writing experience – whether for enjoyment for coursework for another organisation or as part of a competition.

Applicants must be willing to do in-depth research of new topics so they can give authors constructive feedback, and also able to take on feedback to improve your writing.

Science Communication Editors will undertake a period of training, which includes the different article styles, how to write an interesting and unique article, and how to edit an article.

Key Skills required:

Ability to work well with others

Genuine interest in STEM and Sustainable Development Goals based Innovations/developments

Ability to generate ideas or look at things from a different perspective

Excellent time management

Ability to give constructive feedback

A positive attitude towards receiving constructive feedback

Willingness to develop an understanding of our audience




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