A Pedestrian Argument About Life. (The Judgement Of The Human Species )

Humans are unrealistically arrogant and ignorant but they are ignorant of this fact too. That is why we do not progress with time. We think we are intelligent but what we call intelligence usually manifests as foolishness even by common observation.

REASON or “Conscience” or “Awareness” is what is what was MEANT to “separate” humans from animals, unfortunately, you can see well that we do not use these much. Our behaviours and actions are actually more malevolent to existence than for other beings’ alive if you are to be honest with yourself when assessing. The few years that you have spent on this Earth have been a ‘total mess” and created untold suffering for so many people, plants and life. For everything you own today, someone or something lost it and felt great pain. The longer you live, the main suffering you cause to others practically. But how much have you contributed for the future beings to eat?

Compare our Species to a colony of Ants in an anthill. Who of the two seems to be more ORGANIZED and successful? Please, peep inside the anthill, see if there are any thin ants or some fatter than others?Do you see any ant serving and others ruling? Isn’t the Queen ant the most Hardworking person in the Hive?

Aren’t they all uniformly dressed, smart and equitably happy, coordinating and contented with their environment and in harmony and in full sync with time and space? Have you ever calculated the time it takes for ants to repair a portion of Anthill that you have kicked? Even in the dry season, where do these insects get all that WATER to bind that soil that fast? Where do Ants keep this water? But where is our Fuel Reservoirs during times of scarcity and food reservoirs during famine in Africa? How come the African Bees have enough Honey to eat and drink, even medicine during drought but not humans yet all we animals were busy working under the same sun during the Rainy season? Are we mad? Now calculate how long it takes for Umeme (electricity) to return after it “chucks”. Don’t you ever wonder if we should employ Ants in African electricity Companies?

See how our species is suffering. There is No devil on this Earth. Whatsoever unfortunate or uncomfortable state or condition that you are in today is simply because another Human either participated directly in causing you misery, or either ignored to help you when they should have. Even your Parents are guilty of many of your challenges today and they are People not Satan. Even your boss, friends, neighbor, uncle, spouse. These are either making you happy or destroying you slowly slowly until the day you die of their stress, by their swords, or simply because they WILL ignore you someday, not today. You won’t survive them. Its not the devil you should fear in life. Not even Lions or demons or Ghosts. Fear PEOPLE.
All your assured upcoming sufferings by your body, mind and soul shall be administered by the hands of People.

There is No medicine in public human hospitals because lots of it is rotting somewhere under the bed of one living person. It’s not the devil hiding it. It’s not the devil stealing, lying, killing, kidnapping, enslaving, humans. You are angry Now because of a Person. You are worried today because of someone. You are hopeful and hardworking too because of someone. It is people. It has always been humans. We merely invented the devil so as to point fingers at something else but ourselves.

You fear a Lion but look inside the Mirror. You shall see the Most greedy, selfish, dangerous and most blood thirsty creature that ever lived staring at you. We have enough resources at every point on Earth to give ALL humans ten meals per day but do we? How can sentient beings die en masse more than flies per year from what is caused or can be prevented by their own selves? Have you ever heard of a Bee committing suicide in a Hive? That, the Queen hanged herself now in the Bee Hive there is a succession war? But how many Japanese Yakuza have committed suicide in History? For what? Wasting energy just. We are lucky that energy cannot be destroyed but only transferred from one state to another. This means that insects and other animals look up for each other. None gets depressed. I’ve ever seen two ants communicating. One was injured but not much, he fed him and carried him on his back to their home. But a human would rob your wallet and leave you there for wolves to eat.

The Bible and other books that Humans believe in as moral standards are very complicated and unrealistic. They talk of “free will”. But there is no such thing as “Reason” in that case. We cannot possibly be in the IMAGE of God if that God behaves like we do today. Something must be wrong. I would rather worship a Cow or Eagle. They seem to behave more rationally and humbly albeit body shape hindrances. If cows had loose limbs and could be as flexible as humans, they would be ruling the earth. Humans would be in the Forests.

Humans have stockpiled Nuclear weapons to destroy all humans. Not Antelopes or Cheetahs. What a brain!! They claim they need these to protect themselves, but the actual truth is they create them because they are Greedy. They want to be able to destroy any other human that prevents them from satisfying their insatiable greedy nature. They are meant to Kill competing humans and animals and ideas that avoids selfish consumption of resources. In the end, they will be used some day when the resources become scarce for all humans, or when the humans wake up one day and attempt to block the Selfish from eating selfishly. Give me Just ONE field where you believe that humans are advancing then I shall tell you how we are actually preparing to use the same to Out compete and deplete our own Gene pool.

If man was as sober as hypothesized, and not under the control of factors he cannot control like his own stupidity, we would be Extinct by now am sure. This is what is called DRIFT. We are only surviving not because of our brains being any more special but because of the SAME factors that make wild rabbits to survive in the forest with such a weak brain and many predators. This calls for humility and appreciation of Nature as she is. Even in genetics, genetic drift is caused by those factors that nothing can predict or ever determine. They change life to anything that cannot be predicted. For example, we are not sure if Putin will attack Ukraine or how the world shall react if he does. But maybe attacking Ukraine could be the only way to save Mankind. Sounds weird isn’t it? But that is it. Ukranians could be having a gene that makes humans mad with time if they mix. Yes. That’s how life is. Sad.
Attacking Ukraine could also lead to the end of mankind. Either way, we don’t know and nobody can determine anything.

But a modern man could say, “I believe that God’s breath to Adam and the words empowering him over the rest of creation are still true to date despite Adam’s well documented shortfalls, he is no where close to the rest of the animals. Reason is the basis for this superiority”.I say, those are words written by our Jewish storytellers and traditionalists. They were philosohers like Makombo airing out their deep thoughts and imaginations using a Pen . The Muonjang of Sudan believe in Nhialic, a One supreme creator who whispered DIFFERENT words to the First Man he created from soil, BLACK.. Those are the Words I believe in too.

That’s why it’s not wise to use religion to actually prove anything between REASON/Freewill vs INSTINCT. Each Person’s God whispered something different. Religion shall also never give you a firm answer to Life Questions as the Human Faith system and belief in deities is infinite. The answers sought from such references are usually mathematically infinite too and not conclusive. Science makes more sense.cientifically, Man is affecting NATURAL Selection by averting depletion of weak genes as should be for all species. Therefore, more people are living today to reach reproductive age instead of dying because of better medicine and technology as well improvement in hygiene etc. This unnatural intervention ensures that “weak genes” persist in humans and accumulate.
In a Science, all genes are beneficial. They are only not needed if they Express and are not at tandem with the environment. But one time in the past, humans survived because they had Albinism. Today it may not ring well. So that gene better say silent till needed possibly a million years from today.
Sickle cells arise because Humans were almost being destroyed.

by Malaria. However, the Gene is still ‘half way” to perfection with the environment and that is why those who express it will survive death from Malaria, but may not survive the Heavily Polluted modern atmosphere. Ideally, when a beast is weak, it is supposed to die before it lays any more weaker eggs. But if you feed it well, well. If you vaccinate it, that is also an attempt to Cheat Nature as the Virus is meant to Wipe out those genes which won’t survive well in the coming generations. We are therefore bound to become sicker and sicker with time and medical costs shall explode to a level which cannot sustain. This calls for heavy investments in health Medicare and Medical research.

This advancement in medicine and improvement in human livelihoods cannot affect Drift however. What must happen will happen. Change is a constant as the Earth is not located in one point in space.
The Earth is rotating around the Sun which is flying through the Sky at a speed faster than a Rally Vehicle. Then the Sun is rotating around a centre which is also moving along with the whole Mass at a Speed of a Bullet. You only think you are stationary because your Brain tells you so. To make you feel comfortable in earth. Imagining such things makes the mind stressed. Human interventions make CHANGE more unpredictable as it’s the first of it’s kind in evolution. Possibly one day we shall be Robots, as we totally defy Nature with our so called brains. We may be able to transfer our Conscience into machines and live forever.

Some humans today have already evolved Spleens that enable them stay under water for 15 minutes. Some drink Animal milk like babies and get no issues with their stomachs and bowels. Some have bigger lungs than others due to different altitudes. If Adam was alive he would be shocked. He would deny that super diving son as he would a fish. We are all driven by Instincts because ALL humans in history are known to have behaved the SAME and their results were the SAME., not even ONE of them is different. They all cry, sing, cheat, steal, lie, forgive, forget, kill, save, etc….not even one human ever did anything UNIQUE from another.
But CAN YOU?  Even your First born child was likely a ‘mistake” you can’t explain how it happened. You just keep blaming everyone else including yourself and think you are the most evil and careless on Earth. You also blame Satan sometimes. Mbu the boy lied to me etc etc ..With your ears and brains? You don’t even understand how you are still alive today. “Something” just keeps ensuring you survive daily even when you seem to be so lazy in actual truth. This calls for respect of all living things. They are struggling better than you. Does a cockroach look like it’s joking around to you. Don’t you see they the Survival game is very serious.? Look at the RAT. She risks everything to steal food from a dangerous you. But what to do. She needs to eat to reproduce. Same with a mosquito. Even with your brutal nature, she still wins you. She eats you and stays alive.

As a Species, overtime, We have “moved nowhere”. We have retrogressed actually in all dimensions. What we call technology was already utilized the way we do for other things of past times. The only human creation (works) that has survived after 5,000 years ever invented by humans is a Pile of stones in Egypt called a Pyramid of Giza which is worthless to be utilized for anything. And yet we think that we are generally clever all through out TIME..!! Billions of brains, leaving only a pile of stones after living on Earth, eating, quarelling and dying? What a waste! Now, there are 7 billion humans on the planet today, but what really shall be left of our combined works 5,000 years today apart from Plastics in the Sea?

Progress is measured by observing vivid physical success and well being of all living and species and assurance that the Next Generation of humans shall be BETTER than the current, not big mounds and anthills built which feed no ant. If at this stage of life, you see your children going to be Poorer than you, Please just die. Help us. You are a waste.  What is the use of giant flashy sky scrapers and flamboyant roads allover your City when most of the inhabitants are sick, poor, starving and hopeless? What a brain of of Apes! A Chimpanzee can never leave another one Hungry IF there is FOOD for all of them.

Every evening, the old chimpanzees inspect the first floorr to ensure that all members have got accommodation up the trees and are safe, then they also climb. If they find younger ones still playing when it’s past Dawn, they carry them up to their mothers. But humans enter gates with high fences and lock with Electricity. They don’t mind which baby human is sleeping on the streets nearby and do not care to find them a Parent to love and protect them. Rich modern humans also dump trillions of Dollars worth of Food annually as millions of others die of malnutrition and starvation as well as inflation. And they brag that they are Intelligent and give themselves degrees called Masters, Doctorates. Like Mobutu, with pomp, like an arrogant black immoral immortal god.

By Prof Makombo Jago Minyang to the African Philosophy class of the Free Minded-Academy of the African Continental Unity Party-ACUP  Support the
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