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Aura, Emergency Response At The Touch Of A Button

Crime and medical emergencies are a common problem for most Africans. Despite several industry players in some African countries, there is still limited capacity to attend to all emergencies promptly and efficiently. The challenge of a fragmented security and medical industry have been noticed by a South African start-up called AURA that is providing a novel approach to managing this challenge through the use of technology, specifically, apps.
Aura is a South African tech start-up that was begun in 2016 by Warren Myers. The start-up focuses on security technology and medical responses. Their goal is to make security and medical services both widely available and affordable in Africa. This is achieved through the aggregating different security and medical services on one app. The app uses GPS, smart technology and a panic button that allows AURA clients to access these services at the touch of a button, on the app. By notifying the nearest emergency response unit to the client and allowing monitoring in real-time, clients can get faster response times to security and medical issues.
Core to AURA’s mission is its expansion into the rest of Africa. similarly, Kenya, identifies with South Africa regarding crimes and emergencies. This makes it an ideal country fr expansion for AURA. Kenya has joined the AURA boat with their partnership with a Kenyan company, KK Security. Additionally, their new GM, Hilary Itela, supplements their technology with extensive experience in several industries including FMCG, security, e-commerce and logistics.
AURA seeks to eliminate the bottlenecks that stand in the way of making Africa safer and healthier by taking advantage of mobile technology that reaches millions in the region.
By: Simon Mwebaze

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